Unable to Lose Weight? Here Are 5 Mistakes You Might Be Making

Weight Loss Mistakes

Weight Loss Mistakes

When it comes to losing weight, every person you meet has a new set of advice to offer. “Do lots of cardio”, “eat green leafy vegetables”, “drink lemon water every morning” and the list goes on. But, even after following everything, you’re just stuck. Your weight is constant on the scale and you don’t see much of an improvement. So what’s going wrong? Well, there could be a couple of mistakes that you might be making unknowingly. And you can change it starting today.

First, stop following random people’s advice. What worked for them may do no good for your body. Consult professionals and make your own set of rules. Second, realize that weight loss is tough but not impossible. All it needs is a change in habits and alertness to what you do to aid the change.

So if you think your hard work isn’t paying, look for the common weight loss mistakes that may be slipping off of your radar. Here’s a list of some of them.

  • Focusing Only on Exercise

I had to start with the most common mistake that nearly everyone makes in their weight loss journey. And that is focusing only on physical exercise. Don’t get me wrong, exercise is important. In fact, you must do a mixture of moderate and vigorous-intensity aerobic activity for at least 2 days a week. But only moving your body and not focusing on the healthy diet will prove to be an unsustainable weight loss technique.

Most people who end up making this mistake are those who are looking for quick results. But, the reality is that too much exercise will burn down your body. It will put you under stress and as a result, work the opposite way. So instead of weight loss, you may experience a stagnant phase. In addition to this, exercising more than needed will increase your food and calorie intake. So it all comes down to zero improvements. This is why along with exercise proper diet is essential. This will help you have a sustainable weight loss and also give you the energy to workout productively.

  • Skipping Meals

Thinking only about exercise is wrong, so is the sole focus on calories. Weight loss can happen only when you do the right things collectively and in proper amounts. Preferring one thing for the other is not an option. 

Calories are a major part of a diet. It is true that your calorie intake should be lower than what you burn to be able to lose weight. But, counting calories should not be about restrictions or skipping meals. Most people equate reducing calories to not eating. This may lower the number on the scale initially but it is not a sustainable approach. Skipping breakfast, dinner or lunch can slow down your metabolism and prevent weight loss. Also, when the body won’t have enough fuel, it won’t work efficiently. You will feel fatigued and less motivated. And sometimes you may end up eating and craving more as the body will try to compensate for the lost calories. So the best option is to keep a diet routine and eat small portions if you do want to cut calories. But avoid skipping meals.

  • Relying Too Much on a Weight Scale

Seeing a smaller number on the weight scale should never be the ultimate goal of weight loss. But most people forget about this while starting on a weight loss routine. A weighing machine is just one factor that tracks your success rate. And that too isn’t much of a reliable one. There are several things that can cause fluctuations in your weight. For example, your food and fluid intake throughout the day or physical activity. Also, your hormonal changes affect the number on the scale. Women may find a spike of three to five pounds before and during their menstrual cycle because of water retention. Most people also experience an initial weight gain after starting a workout routine which can often cause discouragement.

All these fluctuations can happen throughout your journey. And can cause frustration among people especially those who have a habit of climbing on the scale frequently. So to keep your self-esteem and sanity, mend this habit. If you are checking your weight every day, do it at a specific time only. Or rather choose a day in the week for measurement. Most importantly, remember that your fat loss will not always show up on the scale. So keep a check on your inches, take progress photographs and maintain contact with a doctor to know the right results.

  • Going Overboard With Healthy Food

Too much of anything is bad, even healthy food. All the green leafy vegetables, nuts and fruits on your plate are an amazing add on to your diet. But just because it is healthy does not mean you don’t have to worry about portion control. Remember, calories are not only in processed food, fried snacks and dairy. Even your healthy food is made up of calories.

Food gives you energy and calorie is a measure of that energy. If you munch on a little too many nuts, you may end up getting more calories than you need. And this leads to weight gain. Sometimes, even an excess of nutrients can harm the body and lead to diseases. So even if you only eat healthy food, do not go overboard with it.

  • Not Having a Cheat Meal

You may be too focused on losing weight that you give up the idea of a cheat meal. But, these slips from the routine actually aid weight loss. It may sound unbelievable but it’s true.

Our body is made to adjust to even extreme changes. So when you cut on calories, your body starts adjusting to this reduction. And soon you may not see any weight loss. A cheat meal can help prevent this adjustment and keep the body working to burn calories. Also, you need a burger or pizza during your weight loss journey just to keep your mental state healthy. It will also motivate you and keep you from feeling miserable for not eating your favorite junk food.

Now you know what might be acting as an obstacle between you and your weight loss goal. So if you identify any of these mistakes in your lifestyle, just give them up and buckle up for a positive change.

However, it is also crucial to remember that sometimes the barriers that you face might not be a result of your lifestyle choices but a medical condition. In this case, rather than trying to self diagnose and medicate, you should consult a medical professional. Visiting a weight loss and consultation clinic like Steady Care Medical can help you treat your condition right.

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