11 Best Nutrition Tips for Better Health and Lifestyle

Healthy Nutrition Tips

Best Nutrition Tips

If you want to feel healthy and have a healthy lifestyle you do not need to go on a diet to accomplish that goal of yours. So what do we need to do? You need to have a balanced diet, now what does this balanced diet mean? A balanced diet is not only something that fills your stomach and helps you get rid of hunger but a balanced diet is that which is full of nutrition. Every meal that you take during the day should be investing in fulfilling your body’s nutritional requirements. Now, so many of us must be having this question in our mind that what is the harm in eating that beautiful-looking burger or eating that cheesy and mouth-watering pizza? The answer to this common question is that these pizzas and burgers can only stuff your stomach but do not invest in your nutritional requirements.

Importance of Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle

Before getting to know the importance we should know that what this nutrition is that has created so much buzz, so let’s find out what nutrition is before getting best nutrition tips?

Importance of Nutrition for a Healthy Lifestyle

If talking scientifically, “Nutrition is a process which is biochemical and also physiological, this process in an organism helps the body to use the food that has been ingested in that body and using that food support the life of the organism.” This is a definition that will help you understand the role of nutrition in the body and also why this role is important and why you need to follow healthy nutrition tips.

We have talked about “food” that is used to support the life of the organism, what should this food consist of which can help in promoting a healthy life? This food should have “nutrients” which are essential for the body of an organism to help in better function of the body. Nutrients are those substances that an organism need to survive, grow properly and reproduce. These essential nutrients namely are Carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins and minerals, are the five essential nutrients that is required for a human body to function properly. These nutrients are further divided into two categories macro nutrients (including carbohydrates, fats, proteins required in gram quantity) and micro nutrients (including vitamins and minerals required in milligram and micro-gram quantities). We get all these essential nutrients from our daily diet, here diet means the total of food that an organism eats in a day.

Nutrition in the human body deals with the requirement of the essential nutrients which we get from our food is necessary for supporting life and leading towards a healthy life. If a human body does not get the optimum amount of essential nutrients it can have several deficiencies in the body such as blindness, anemia, scurvy, preterm birth, etc., whereas an excess of nutrients can lead to conditions like obesity, metabolic syndrome, etc. Some other diseases are caused because of lack of nutrition are chronic systemic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, etc.

Nutrition Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Nutrition Tips for Healthy LifestyleIt is not a very difficult task to keep up with your nutritional requirements, all you need to do is stay aware of what you eat during the day. Keeping yourself aware of eating habits means you should know about the thing that you are thinking to put into your mouth, as in having awareness about the nutritional value of your food, what nutrients does that contain, how many calories does it contain, etc. When you start getting aware of your body, you automatically start to take care of it, because your own body only one who is going to do everything for you.

Let us look at some of the best nutrition tips to keep your body and lifestyle healthy.

Tip 1# Be Aware of Your Calorie Intake

Very first health nutrition tip is keep a check on your calories. Calories are the amount of energy that the food item contains served on your plate. A calorie is known as the unit of energy that is further defined as the amount of heat that is required to raise the temperature of the water quantity present in the body by one degree. It is important to consume enough calories in a day to be able to work without feeling fatigued or sleepy or dizzy or weak.

There is a certain way of measuring the number of calories that your body needs daily. If you keep on consuming an excess of calories, you will gain unnecessary and unhealthy weight, whereas if you will not consume enough calories, you will become underweight which is against not being healthy. This is one of the very important health nutrition tips to be taken into consideration.

Tip 2# Have a Balanced Diet

Having a balanced healthy diet is another best nutrition tip refers to fulfill the optimum amount of nutritional requirement of the body daily. Eat living food which means eat the food which is naturally and directly coming from nature, which is being nurtured by nature itself, for example; fresh vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. What you need to avoid eating is processed food, food that comes with packaging, which is lifeless and also full of preservatives, certain chemicals and has excess amount salt and sugar. Also, avoid eating junk.

Always try eating less during breakfast and dinner whereas eating properly and heavily during the afternoon because at the afternoon our digestive system’s working is on its peak. This one of the health nutrition tips can make a big difference in your day to day life.

Tip 3# Reduce the Proportion

You do not have to complete all your daily calorie intake at once, it is a process that needs to be done during the complete day. So what should we do that we do not overeat, should we reduce the food that we eat or avoid eating certain food groups? No, all you need to do is to reduce the proportion of food and distribute it throughout the day, which means if you were eating three meals a day start eating six meals a day, in which three meals can be your regular meals whereas the other two can be your in-between meals. By doing this you will not even overeat, you can easily maintain your calorie intake, and will also be able to every food group. This can be another nutrition tip that can become the best nutrition tip if you follow it wisely.

Tip 4# Breakfast is Very Important

Yes, you read it right, breakfast is a very important meal of the day. Keeping this one the best nutrition tips in your mind can you more healthy and full of energy. Why? Because it is the very first meal of the day, which means this meal decides that what fuel you are providing to your vehicle( body). Breakfast should be light as well as nutritious, it should be light because in the morning our digestive fire is low and our digestive system can be work towards the digestion of heavy food. So it is better to not make our digestive system too busy in the morning only. For breakfast, you can have oats, porridge, fruits, etc., are the options available if you are willing to follow health nutrition tips.

Tip 5# Choose your Food Smartly

Choosing food smartly can become one of the life changing health nutrition tips, means including leafy vegetables in your diet, including seasonal fruits, fruits with citric acid, including raw vegetables, etc. Most vegetables and fruits contain so many important vital nutrients that can work like magic for you, your body and your skin. For example; fruits with citric acid like orange is amazing for your skin glow and health, vegetables having folic acid are great for your body Like beetroot and pumpkin, leafy vegetables having iron are also very good for your body.

Tip 6# Include Healthy Carbs and Avoid Unhealthy Carbs

One of this best nutrition tips can help you very much, Healthy carbs known as good carbs are digested slowly because of which they provide energy to the body all day long. For example, whole grains, vegetables, beans, etc. Whereas, unhealthy carbs known as bad carbs are digested very quickly which leads to a sudden spike in blood sugar, for example, white flour, refined sugar, etc.

You need to take care that you avoid eating refined flour and things made up of it, such as, bread, pasta, etc., following one of this health nutrition tips will make a big difference.

Tip 7# Include Healthy Fats in Your Diet

Yes, you read it right “healthy fats”,  there are unhealthy fats too. We will talk about two types of fats and they are saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Saturated fats include red meat and whole dairy products are not very healthy to eat whereas unsaturated fats like olive oil, avocado oil, omega 3, etc. Works beautiful on human body. So you must have got to know that which type of fat you should include in your diet and you can do this easily if you follow these healthy nutrition tips.

Tip 8# Focus on Protein

Protein is a nutrient which provides energy to the body to work and keep working. Protein further breaks into 20 essential amino acids that gets absorbed in the body and provides all kind of strength the body require. If you are a vegetarian and think that you can not eat egg and can not have protein, maybe you need to think twice. Try soy products like tofu, soy milk, etc. Nuts like almonds, walnuts, pecans are rich in protein, beans like black beans, lentils are another great options. Include this healthy nutrition tip in the best nutrition tip.

Tip 9# Calcium for Bones

Calcium is very important to have strong bones and that is why this point is added in the best nutrition tips. When your bones will be strong, your whole body will be strong. Calcium can be obtained from dairy products like milk, yogurt and cheese, also from the vegetables like turnip greens, mustard greens, etc. You can also include beans in your diet to obtain calcium, beans like kidney beans, black beans, etc.

Tip 10# Reduce Intake of Sugar and Salt

Having sugar and salt in excess can be very harmful for your body that is why one of the best nutrition tips is to keep these two white powders in check. Sugar and salt are named as white poisons as per their consequences on human body. There are so many different alternatives available in the market for these two, for example; using Himalayan salt instead of white salt and using jigger powder instead of white sugar. One of this health nutrition tips can change your life forever.

Tip 11# It is Always Great to Change Slowly

Here comes the next of the best nutrition tips, If you want to change your lifestyle and convert it into healthy lifestyle, you do not have to be very certain or quick. Start with small steps, for example; starting to avoid eating junk food, cutting over sugar, etc. You do not have to be harsh with yourself, because changing slowly is good as our body also adapt things slowly, if you will introduced the body to a totally new routine, the body will get confused and it will not be able to function properly and the way it should. So take time but start changing your habits and start following health nutrition tips.


Following these best nutrition tips will help you to make use of your maximum potential every way and your body will thank you for your efforts. After all you need to respect this body too and stop misbehaving with it by stuffing it with all kinds of empty calorie food, and food that doesn’t have any nutrition value. Do follow these health nutrition tips if you want to have a healthy lifestyle.

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