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Summers season is at its peak and we have also started feeling the need for following some basic yet effective wellness tips so that we can protect ourselves (body and skin) from this scratching heat, humidity, etc. If we suggest to someone that start following a healthy lifestyle and you automatically will be covered by the consequences of this sunny season. But the point here are these healthy tips that one needs to follow for maintaining a healthy lifestyle? Because everyone knows that following a healthy lifestyle is the key to all body-related issues which are caused by external or internal factors, but what are these healthy tips or wellness tips to follow.

As we have seen that this summer because of the COVID 19 pandemic so many people got infected and some even lost their lives, one the main reason behind catching the virus is the low immunity of people and this all happens because of not so healthy lifestyle.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 wellness tips that can help to keep you healthy externally as well as internally this summer season. For getting all the related information and be benefited from it, stay tuned.

What is Wellness & Healthy Tips?

The tips, following which you can achieve a healthy lifestyle is what a healthy or wellness tip is. Now, here we are going to discuss 10 health tips that are very easy to follow yet very effective in daily life. So, let us now have a look at these wellness tips that can make you enable to follow a healthy lifestyle.

10 Healthy & Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy & Wellness Tips for a Healthy Lifestyle

The healthy tips are very basic and primary tips to follow in everyday life, if somebody follows these wellness tips in daily life more than half of the problems related to the human body will be automatically cured without spending even a simple penny. And the best part about these healthy tips is that they are not only for any particular season but can be followed in every season and they will give you results in every season.



  1. Water Intake Check

This is a very basic but very important tip to follow not just in summer but in every season as drinking enough water is very important to keep your body hydrated. The motive behind keeping the body hydrated is that the cells of your body hold enough cells in your body to fight the scratching heat caused because of the amazingly shining sun. If you are hydrated, you will not get sunstroke, or starts to feel uneasy during a hot sunny day. Also, a hydrated body is not very easily prone to sunburn.

Drinking enough water also keeps your gut health in check, which means your digestive system and the excretory system stays healthy which are very important two systems to work properly if a person wants to lead a healthy lifestyle.

So, the very first out of all the wellness tips is to stay hydrated all day long and drinking at least 3 litres of water a day.

  1. Eat Nutritious Food

Eating nutrition-rich food is another very primary health tip to follow if you are willing to live a healthy lifestyle. Here nutrition-rich food means the food that is healthy for the body and is also filling. Eating food doesn’t mean that you only have to fill your stomach and for that, you will dump whatever you will get in your body.

The point here is to be smart with the choice of food that you are eating, in simple words try to eat the food which is directly coming from mother nature and avoid food that will only make you feel like your stomach is full but your body did not get any real energy. So, stop eating empty calories and start becoming smart with your eating habits.

  1. Regular Exercise

Yes, the key to every health problem is following an effective exercise routine. You don’t need to only follow an exercise routine if you are suffering from any health problem, but even if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle you need to inculcate an effective exercise routine in your everyday life.

Everyone should take out at least one hour in the morning to give to their body for exercise or yoga. When you follow an exercise routine it helps in boosting your body functions, helps in the proper functioning of your body results in the strong immunity of the person.

Wellness & Healthy Tips Which can Include in Everyday Routine this Season

Everyday Health Routine this Season

  1. Covering Your Head

When you go out on a hot sunny day during summer, make sure to keep your head covered with a scarf, cap or umbrella so that you can protect your head from coming in direct contact with the sun which is not very favourable for your body.

When you cover your head using a scarf, cap or umbrella you are protecting your skin from direct contact with the sun, also preventing yourself from a sunstroke because of which you can get unconscious anywhere if you are in direct contact with the sun rays during a hot sunny day.

  1. Use a Natural Sunscreen

One of the very underrated wellness tips is to use a sun protection lotion or solution for your skin. Here, we have mentioned using a natural sunscreen because the SPFs available in the market is loaded with so many harmful chemicals which can create harmful effects for your skin rather than protecting it from the harmful UV radiations coming from the sunlight.

  1. Avoid Going Out

If it is a very the hot and sunny day then you should avoid going out in the sun until it is not very important to go. Keep yourself under shade, which means that you either stay at home or if you are a working person then stay inside your office and avoid going out in the sun and getting in contact with the angry sun.

This way you can protect yourself from getting dehydrated, tanned by the sun, sunburn, etc. This is a wellness tip that can be followed by each individual but if you are in the comfort of following this one then you should.

  1. Work on Your Immunity

Working on immunity means making your immune system very strong that no virus can easily attack your organ systems and can make you sick. For example; we are in this situation of COVID 19 where strong immunity is a weapon through which the battle against this stubborn and life-threatening virus can be easily fought and also win.

That is why it is very important to follow healthy and wellness tips that can help you improve your immunity because this summer we do not only have to fight the heat but also this pandemic situation.

  1. Protect Your Eyes

You not only need to protect your skin but also need to protect to eyes from the harsh UV rays during the summer season. For protecting your eyes you need to cover them using sunglasses whenever you go out in the exposed heat because a lot amount of heat and direct UV rays and affect the vision of your eyes resulting in weak eyesight. So, a very important health tip is to cover your eyes whenever you plan to out during a sunny day.

There are very adverse effects of UV rays on our eyes the worst of it is blindness. So, you better keep your eyes health in check, keeping them covered and also washing them with plain water whenever you come home and also before sleeping. And if by any chance you find any kind of irritation in your eyes or any other problem regarding vision, immediately see a doctor and get your eyes checked.

  1. Choose Your Fabric Correctly

When summer arrives it brings a lot of irritation, sweat, rashes, etc. With itself. You need to keep in mind that you wear breathable clothes and also which are not body hugging. Prefer wearing fabrics like cotton which can easily pass air and is very skin-friendly during a hot summer day.

Also, some fabrics come in the contact with your body sweats and start irritating your skin resulting in rashes all over your body and also starts to create a very bad odour. That is why it is advised to wear fabrics that do not irritate the skin.

  1. Maintenance of Hygiene

This is one of the last wellness tips but it is not the least. During summers there are very high chances of the building of bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc. So you should maintain proper hygiene for your body so that any of these microorganisms do not develop on your body resulting in bacterial infection, fungal infection, etc.

Take bath twice a day, follow good skincare and body care routine during holidays, etc. You can follow any habit whichever you feel will work for your hygiene maintenance. Some people do not take care of their hygienic health they just take a bath once a day and think that it is enough for them to follow a hygiene maintenance routine but that is not the correct way of taking care of your hygienic health.

Give your body to clean it thoroughly, remove the build-ups that have been created because of dead skin cells and sweat. But at the same time do not be harsh on your skin.


As per all the above-given information, we can conclude that during the summer season you should be following some healthy tips and wellness tips to keep your summer health in check. These wellness and health tips include the proper amount of water intake, nutritious diet, regular exercise, covering yourself from sun rays, applying natural SPF, improving immunity, wearing comfortable fabrics, etc.

Following all these healthy tips you can spend a relieved and healthy summer season. The most important point to keep in mind during this summer season is to protect yourself & your family from COVID 19 and doing whatever it takes to fight this virus because if you will stay healthy, you can easily help the people in need.

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