The 7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

Best Weight Loss Exercises

Weight Loss Workout

Are you also fed up with your overweight body? This is a problem for many people in today’s time. Maybe it is due to our mismanaged lifestyle or unhealthy eating habits that most of us are gaining weight. Another reason can be lack of exercise due to any reason. The busy schedules of the people don’t allow them time for gyming and weight loss workouts. But exercising daily is the most important thing for maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. It is important to dedicate few minutes from your busy life for yourself and take care of your body. We are here for you with the 7 best exercises for weight loss to reduce weight and provide body tone.

Exercise is very essential for the overall health of an individual. Weight loss and good health are interrelated with each other. A higher body mass index can lead to several disorders such as diabetes, cholesterol, hypertension, and other cardiovascular problems. If you are trying to lose weight and become fit & healthy then weight loss workouts play a very crucial role in attaining your goal.

Benefits of Weight Loss Workout

Before discussing the benefits of weight workouts, let’s have a quick look at the side effects of an overweight body. It is also called obesity and obesity is very dangerous for the human body. It can lead to strokes, depression, heart attack, sleep apnea, liver disease, GERD, cancer, Skinfold rashes, Gallbladder problems, Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney failure, Weak muscles, infertility, and joint pains.

Hope now you know how important it is to keep the weight maintained and do weight loss workouts regularly.

Now, let’s talk about the benefits of the best weight loss exercises.

  • Weight loss workouts are the most effective way to burn calories and also keep you safe from certain diseases as these best exercises for weight loss can prevent heart attacks, lowers blood pressure and cholesterol.
  • In addition, if an individual performs the weight loss workout regularly, it can lower the risk of developing certain types of cancers as well such as breast cancer and colon.
  • The best exercises for weight loss also helps in contributing a sense of confidence and also lower the rates of depression or anxiety.
  • The weight loss workout helps in maintaining stamina and promotes muscle growth.

7 Best Exercises for Weight Loss

The exercises discussed are the 7 most popular and best exercises for weight loss that can be easily practiced to make a person strong, healthy, and fit. Let’s have a look at these weight loss workouts in detail.

1. Burpees Weight Loss Exercise

Despite the funny name, Burpees are challenging weight loss workouts that affect the muscles of the body. It is a two-part workout that is performed as a push-up followed by a leap in the air. Performing several burpees in a row may be quite difficult but, it may be worth the payoff especially if a person is looking for a way out to stay healthy and fit by building strength, endurance, and boosting the cardio fitness while burning calories.

  • How to Do

The burpee will be easy for you if you think of it as a push-up followed by jump squats. The burpee’s weight loss workout is performed in the following steps.

Burpees Weight Loss Exercise

Step 1: Stand in the squat position with your back straight, knees bent, and put your feet about shoulder-width apart.

Step 2: Lower the hands towards the floor so they’re just inside your feet.

Step 3: Move your feet back so you’re on your hands and toes, and in a push-up position.

Step 4: Now, by keeping the body straight from head to toes, do a single pushup.

Step 5: Stand straight and reach the arms over your head.

Step 7: Jump quickly into the air to land back to the position from where you started.

Step 8: Now, get into the squat position as soon after landing back and repeat the same process.

  • Benefits of Doing Burpees Weight Loss Workout

  1. Burn Calories: The table given below shows that how many calories a person can burn by doing non-stop 20 burpees in a minute.
  2. Offers a full-body workout: Burpees focus on a full-body workout and aim to build endurance and muscle strength in both the upper and lower part of the body. A standard burpee weight loss workout can strengthen the muscles of your shoulders, chest, arms, abdomen, hips & legs.
  3. Boost cardio fitness & burns fat: Burpee as your regular workout can help you to burn excessive fat and curemany cardio-related issues.
  • Safety Tips

  1. Start with few repetitions and increase gradually.
  2. Be careful with the wrist when you land and no to go so fast that it gets twisted.
  3. Not to perform if there is any injury.

2. Kettle-Bell Weight Loss Workout

Kettlebell is considered the best exercise for weight loss and a ticket to faster fitness. This weight loss workout is well suited to the heart rate as these cannonball-shaped weight helps in developing endurance, power, and strengthen muscles of the body.

  • How to Do

Here is step to step guide how to kettlebell weight loss workout do.

Kettle-Bell Weight Loss Workout

Step-1: Stand while opening feet wider than shoulder with bending the knees to grab the kettlebell with both hands.

Step-2: Drive the hips and keep the back flat, swing with weight up to the shoulder height.

Step-3: Return to the position from where you started and repeat the same process without losing momentum.

  • Benefits of the Kettlebell Weight Loss Workout

There are many benefits of doing the kettlebell exercise. Some of them are explained below.

  1. Fix muscles imbalance: This helps in training from both sides equally and through this technique, a person is forced to stabilized himself to manage the movement.
  2. Substitute cardio: This weight loss workout features a high range of reps, (multiple muscles work at once) and burns a good amount of calories.
  • Safety Tips

  • Make sure to do the exercise properly as it can risk your lower back if done inappropriately.

3. Walking and Jogging Workout

Walking is considered to be the best exercise for weight loss as walking at a fast pace can burn lots of calories. So far, running and jugging are considered to be the king of all weight loss workouts. It is a total body integrated exercise that is very effective in belly fat along with leg strengthening. However, the major difference between jogging and running is 6-9 k/h to 10 k/h.

Although, it is observed that an individual can reduce an average of 1.5% of the body fat and 2.8 cm waist circumferences by walking for 50-70 minutes or 3 times every week. Therefore, jogging and running burn approximately 298-372 calories per half an hour respectively.

  • How to Do

The Jogging and walking weight loss workout can be done in the following ways.

Walking and Jogging Workout

Step-1: Starts walking exercise for 15 minutes.

Step-2: Increase the pace and start jogging for more than 15 minutes.

Step-3: Run for another 15 minutes with making a constant increase in pace.

Step-4: Get back to jogging for 10 minutes by reducing the pace.

Step-5: Slow down the pace and walk for 5 minutes more to relax the body.

  • Benefits of Jogging and Walking

  1. Healthy heart– This best exercise for weight loss helps in improving the conditions related to cardiovascular.It decreases the risk of heart diseases, controls blood pressure, increases HDL or good cholesterol.
  2. Weight loss and lung functions– It assists in weight management or in losing weight of the body and improving lung function.
  • Safety Tips

  1. It is recommended that people who are suffering from hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, pulmonary condition, or other health issues should contact their physician before doing this weight loss workout.
  2. If you feel unusual shortness of breath, tightness in the shoulder or chest, jaw pain, dizziness, light headedness, or joint pain should stop exercising immediately and consult the physician as soon as possible.

4. Bicep Curls Weight Loss Exercise

Bicep curls are one of the best exercises for weight loss as well-defined arms or a strong body is a fitness aspiration for most people nowadays, and considered the popular weight loss workout. Hence, bicep curls are one of the effective exercises for building up the upper arm muscles by giving a shape to the arms that look very attractive.

Performing bicep curls as a regular weight loss workout can make a person fit, healthy and provides well-defined arms. Therefore, doing bicep curls is effective and a better arm shaping exercise for those who are very sensitive about the body looks and weight as well.

  • How to Do

The bicep curls or arm weight loss workout can be done in the following steps:

Bicep Curls Weight Loss Workout

Step-1: Sit or stand straight and hold a dumbbell.

Step-2: Curl and take the arm upward until it reaches shoulder height.

Step-3: Lower the land and put dumbbell back down slowly.

Step-4: Repeat the following process as many times a person finds sufficient for them such as 20 times, 40 times, so on.

  • Benefits of the Biceps-Curls

The benefits of the bicep-curls are explained below in the following points:

  1. Simple to perform: This weight loss workout is simple movement and straightforward. A person just needs a pair of dumbbells.
  2. Aesthetics: This best exercise for weight loss helps in developing beautiful arms that can offer you a better physique.
  3. Upper body health: Biceps collaborate in elbow flexion, shoulder stabilization, and forearm supination so, the stronger biceps help you to maintain upper body health.
  • Safety Tips

  • You should keep in mind not to lift heavier weight than your capability as it may affect your postures that lead to workout injuries. Do not perform if you are pregnant.            

5. Push-Ups Weight Loss Exercise

Push-ups are one of the best exercises for weight loss and this weight loss workout can be done anytime and anywhere easily and it helps in burning calories quickly.A push-up workout focuses on the chest, biceps, shoulder, triceps, and back. Push-up exercise also strengthens the core of the muscles and makes the body healthy and physically stable.

However, if a person practices this push-up weight loss workout for months or years then it will be very helpful in maintaining the muscles of a person’s body by burning his calories and building a great muscle mass.

  • How to Do

The push-ups and pull-ups exercise can be performed in the following ways:

Push-Ups Weight Loss Workout

Step-1: Look for a flat or anti-slippery surface.

Step-2: Place the hands forward and slightly wider than the width of the shoulder.

Step-3: Set the feet together in a comfortable position by initially keeping the feet further apart until a person finds a proper balance.

Step-4: Bend the shoulder as low as possible towards the floor then push up back and straighten the arms.

Step-5: Repeat the steps for 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

  • Benefits of  Push-Ups

The main benefits of doing the push-ups every day are explained below:

  1. Build upper body strength: Push-ups are very beneficial for building the upper body strength including, pectoral muscles, triceps, and shoulders. This weight loss workout also strengthens the lower back and engaging the core of the abdominal muscles.
  2. Effective in burning the calories and promote a healthy heart: It helps in burning the calories quickly with also developing muscles mass and keeps the heart healthy and fit.
  • Safety Tips

  1. Protect your wrist while doing push-ups with dumbbells as it put a lot of strain on the wrist.
  2. Do not perform if you have any shoulder injury.

6. Squats Weight Loss Exercise

Muscle-strengthening exercise is also known as Squats exercise. The main aim of this weight loss workout is to improve the upper part of the body. Squats help to prevent fat from accumulating and to burn calories in the lower part of the body.  Moreover, this exercise also improves the balance and mobility of an individual’s body and due to this reason, this is considered as one of the easiest and best exercises for weight loss. A beginner should aim to perform 12-15 reps and 3 sets of one type of squat to achieve better results.

  • How to Do

The squats exercise can be done in the following ways:

Squats Weight Loss Workout

Step-1: Stand straight and feet wider than the hip-width and the toes facing the front.

Step-2: Push the hips back by blending the ankle and knees.

Step-3: Now, keep his toes and feet in the ground and sit in a squat position.

Step-4: Pose yourself parallel to the floor by keeping the knees bent at a 90-degree angle.

Step-5: Straighten the legs by pressing the heels and get back to the standing position.

  • Benefits of the Squat Workout

The main benefits of the squat workout are listed below:

  1. Strengthen the core: While doing the plank with back squats resulted in the activation of the strong core muscles that supports the back and boost the athletics performance by reducing the risks of injury.
  2. Crushes calories: Performing weight loss workouts of high-intensity compound movement also crushes the extra calories present in the body.
  • Safety Tips

  1. When you start feeling discomfort in your knees or hips, end the exercise immediately.
  2. Focus on keeping your spine in a neutral and straight position.

7. Lunges Weight Loss Exercise

It is one of the best exercises for weight loss that improves overall fitness and strengthens the lower part of the body. The main focus of the lunges is on strengthening the hips, legs, and back. It also helps in reducing body fat and building lean muscles. This weight loss workout also stabilizes muscles to develop better stability, coordination, and balance.

  • How to Do

The lunges exercise can be performed in the following ways:

Lunges Weight Loss Exercise

Step-1: Stand straight by putting the abs and back in an upright position.

Step-2: Bend the knee by keeping the right leg on the front side.

Step-3: Try to bend the knee until the left thigh takes the perpendicular position and the right one is parallel.

Step-4: Now, keep the front knee above the heel.

Step-5: Get back to the position and bring both feet together.

Step-6: Repeat the same process with the left leg.

  • Benefits of Lunges Workout

  1. Weight loss workout: lunges works on the muscles of the lower part of the body and also reduce body fat. This weight loss workout also increases the resting metabolism and allows you to burn more calories.
  2. Balance & stability: lunges are unilateral exercises that focus on the lower part of the body on each side independently. The stabilizing muscles are activated by the single-leg movement helps in developing coordination, balance, and stability.
  • Safety Tips

  1. Avoid leaning too much forward by keeping your body upright through movement.
  2. When you lunge forward, try not to over-extend your leg as it can cause your back issues.


Maintained weight decides your personality and health. You can kick away many health issues by just keeping your weight on track. The above-listed weight loss workouts will surely help you.

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