Top #7 Fitness Tips for Beginners to Stay Fit

How to Start Exercising

How to Start Exercising

Fitness Tips for Beginners

Health should be kept top most priority to life which necessitates the body and mind to be in good shape, irrespective of gender, age, or profession. Each individual should be capable of carrying out daily tasks with full energy and alertness without undue fatigue. A healthy and physically fit person is never a liability to society.  Following Fitness tips for beginners means enjoying good health and maintaining a balanced lifestyle with the appropriate amount of physical activity.

Being fit doesn’t necessarily mean that you should go to a gym for a sculpted body or you have to be an ultra-marathoner or you can perform one hundred pull-ups. Physical fitness should not solely be measured with any of these tests or evaluations. The whole idea of fitness includes a good and nutritious diet with a mixture of strength, flexibility and endurance. It certainly covers good sleeping patterns and the mental aspect too.

Some people are motivated by low self-esteem. They are so obsessed with their physical appearance that they criticize their looks. They need to understand that physical appearance and being fit and healthy are two different things. Regular exercise and a good diet is the key to stay fit and healthy even if you do not achieve a well-sculpted body through this.

Let’s explore few fitness tips for beginners and step by step guide on how to start exercising.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #1 Preparation

Before any preparation, the most important part of how to start exercise is Momentum. It’s time to leave procrastinating and contemplating before it drains your energy. It is easier to stay motivated if you are a favorable momentum of your new start. It is great to ponder over your weight loss goals but simply focusing on your commitment to exercise is quite enough to keep going and following the fitness tips for the beginners.

Furthermore, It is important to know if you are doing it for a special reason. Weight loss, marathon or for a ramp walk. Clear goals can help you gauge your progress and stay motivated. But set realistic goals. Fitness tips for beginners are to start with very easy steps and then increase gradually. For e.g., your goal is to finish a 5 km run, then continue building on it with shorter runs. Stick to your routine, psychology says that if you want to create a new habit, continue doing it for 21 days, you will eventually develop one.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #2 Doctors’ Consultation

But before jumping right into any exercise regime, there is one important thing to do is to consult a doctor. Any injury, illness or condition could prove a bane to a beginner. Confirm from your doctor if it is okay to exercise. It is utterly important for those who are thinking of doing strenuous and vigorous exercises. some medications can also affect your heart rate. Before you start following these fitness tips for beginners, let your doctor decide that those medications are related to your workouts or not. It is going to help you optimize your workout, and your personal trainer (if you are hiring one) will come to know how to start exercising. You will be aware of your limitations and create a plan tailored as per requirement.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #3 Cardio

Any rhythmic activity performed continuously is called cardio exercise. It could include activities like running, walking, aerobics, cycling, skipping rope, swimming and dancing too. Strengthening of heart and lungs, increase in endurance and burning of calories to lose weight can be achieved through cardio. Among the most important fitness tips for beginners to gain health, benefits are to do at least 30 minutes of cardio activity in moderate-intensity every day. It is not at all necessary to go to a gym for cardio exercises. Whether you are in a gym or you are doing cardio in a park or at home, fitness tips for beginners cardio will remain the same.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #4 Stay Hydrated

 One of the main fitness tips for beginners, which can not be avoided and should not be replaced with any other beverage, is staying hydrated. Many people do not know how to start exercising properly. They ignore the importance of drinking enough water, which is the essential component to maintain blood volume, regulate body temperature and allow muscle contractions to take place. Loss of body fluid takes place through sweating during a workout. When beads of sweat on the skin evaporate, heat is removed from the body. Many beginners complain of headaches, tiredness, sleepiness, poor performance of the workout. This is mainly because of less intake of water. Our bodies have ways of giving us signals of dehydration, but we should not wait for those signals. Drink water throughout the day and increase your water intake during physical activity.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #5 Warm-Up

Another important fitness tips for beginners is that the importance of warm-up exercise should be very clear.  Although warm-ups probably won’t help much with burning calories or building muscles. But they are crucial to the complete success of your workout. Muscle elasticity can be improved by warming up resulting in less chance of accidentally hurting yourself, or overheating during exercises. People use machines to build muscles in the gym. It is advisable to loosen the muscles by warming up before you hit any machine. This way both your body and mind are in the right state to handle the gym equipment making it less prone to any skin or muscle injury. Do a couple of warm-up exercises before and after a workout.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #6 Footwear

Throw away your old broken down shoes if you want to stick to the fitness tips for beginners schedule. Such shoes do not provide adequate protection and can negatively impact your joints and ligaments when you are running or sprinting. Investing in a great and correct pair of shoes will be a sensible decision for those who are really serious in work out. Running shoes have inbuilt shock absorbers. Injury caused by inappropriate shoes can needlessly derail your fitness attempt. Good shoes can lessen the impact of your step and cushion the foot from heavy landings. Improper workout shoes can cause injuries like, ankle strain and fractures too.

How to Start Exercising- Tip #7 Know When Take a Break

Don’t be over enthusiast when you start with your new fitness tips for beginners. Don’t go to the gym every day. Your body needs time to repair by taking a rest. If you don’t give your body to heal and repair itself, your performance may get affected that can lead to disappointment. Your two days off in a week would be an active rest for your body to heal. Rest doesn’t mean that you have to lay on the bed and watch T.V. instead that time can be easily substituted with light stretching exercises. You can go for a 10 to 15 minutes of walk. You can do breathing exercises at home which is strikingly good for your body and so on.

Importance of Exercising

Exercising is something very important for everyone. Exercise is the key to happy and healthy life. Let’s have a look at the importance of exercising daily in detail.

Benefits of Exercising

  • Start following fitness tips for beginners from today itself. It is extremely important to improve your health significantly. Primarily its benefits include healthy muscle mass, body weight and reducing any risk for chronic diseases.
  • Moreover, research shows that the following tips of how to start exercising, can lift your mood, boost your mental health, help you sleep better and even enhance your sex life.
  • It can also help in boosting up your energy levels. A modern lifestyle that includes, processed and junk foods can reflux your gastric juices and make you feel bloated the entire day. Your exercising habit will lead you to a healthy lifestyle and you’ll feel less bloated and full of energy even after a long hard day. An energetic person again enjoys frustration-free life and is capable of controlling the senses.
  • The health benefits of regular exercise and physical activity are hard to ignore. In the hectic urban life, people are facing many issues regarding disruptive sleep. Insomnia people start enjoying sound sleep if they are exercising regularly in a planned way.


One of the difficult parts of the fitness programme is DECIDING to do it. The moment you are done with it, there is no looking back. Usually, there is something that can make a change in your life and can inspire you to decide to follow the fitness tips for beginners. Maybe a pretty dress or a pair of jeans which is too tight or any upcoming event- a wedding, or a party where you want to wear those tight dresses. It is always a good idea to remind yourself about all the amazing things you can do if you are fit. Whatsoever it is, the fantasy of a NEW you is enough to inspire you. If you have crossed that tricky part, Gird your loins and make your goal a reality. Apart from achieving a good physical appearance, exercising regularly delivers oxygen and nutrients to your tissues and helps your cardiovascular system work more efficiently. With an improved and healthy heart and lungs, you get more energy to tackle daily chores. You could be a source of inspiration to many others and it may seem unimportant now, but I assure you that your body will thank you later for choosing fitness tips for beginners.

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