Reasons Why People are Annoyed of You in the Gym

Annoying Gym Habits

Annoying Gym Habits

Whatever the reason for such behavior is, it has to stop. There are always some people at your gym that you just wish weren’t there or at least you would not have to face them. If you are one of them, then please read this and try to avoid these things. If you think you aren’t one of them, still read along who knows you might be doing some of these things unknowingly.

1. Grunting While You Exercise

We all have a person who keeps on grunting loudly. Dude, we can hear you from the other side of the gym. If you aren’t that loud, at least, the people around are constantly getting defocused and disturbed. While you can politely ask them to keep it down a notch. But turning them out is the best way to deal with the situation.

2. Socializing More Than Working Out

People can ruin your attention, motivation, and concentration by either coming up to you and starting a chat. Or just keep on being a Chatty Cathy right by your side with someone else. The ones you ignore and they keep on talking are the worst. Luckily you have MP3 players, cellphones and headphones, hands-free. Even if you don’t want to listen to the music just cover your ears with headphones or hands-free.

Then there are the ones who are in the gym to find potential dates. You either have to just ignore them or find a gym where such behavior is not allowed. Maybe go to the gym when they aren’t there.

3. Holding on to the Equipment

Even if there is no sign indicating limited time usage of equipment and machines, you should not hold on to it. In such situations, you can ask the person when it is going to be free and wait patiently. Most of the time they don’t know if you are waiting so it is best to ask before you start waiting.

4. Conducting Cellphone Meetings

As if the chit chatters weren’t enough there is someone who is conducting a cellphone meeting. Sometimes they are just in some corner of the gym. But most of the time a meeting is held while using the equipment. Regardless of how cool you think you look, the equipment or space is not your office, you don’t own it, and you don’t look cool either. Be responsible for your actions and be sensible. Remember it is a gym!

5. You Stink Bad

Nobody likes stink, one just cannot workout in such a situation. Using perfume to hide the smell makes it even worse. Don’t be this kind of person and take a shower regularly cleaning up good. Don’t use old and sweaty workout clothes. It is bad for your skin too. If you took a shower but smell bad before the gym session, for whatever reason, shower again. This is the only condition where a deodorant or perfume might help.

6. Giving Unwanted Advice

There is always a guy who acts like a personal trainer. They are even worse when they stop you in the middle of a rep and telling “this isn’t the way”. These self-appointed masters and “I know it all” people ruin it all. You shouldn’t start a fight or quarrel regardless of how much you want to. Just smile or say something nice and just walk away. You can ask your trainer if you are doing everything right.

There are many other things for which people might be annoyed. For instance, not cleaning your sweat off the equipment you just used, not re-racking the weights, acting like you own a spot or equipment in the gym, taking selfies and videos, etc. Try not to be this kind of person. Over and out for now.

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